Why would you start a career as a business consultant?

Over the last few years the consulting business has become huge, there are now people who spend their whole careers working as consultants. This does raise the question of why you would want to be a business consultant; after all it is not normally a career path that most people think about. Usually they fall into consulting after losing a job. There are however good reasons to think about a career in consulting.

Business Consultant

The biggest reason that most people start a consulting business is for the job security. This may sound odd to a lot of people since self employment is not usually thought of as secure career. However over the last few years it has become clear that a regular job is not all that safe either. At least if you are a self employed contractor you are the one in control over how much work you get. Most people find this preferable to relying on one employer to keep them working.

The other big reason that people choose to go into the consulting business is the money. In almost all cases you will be able to earn more as a consultant than you could working for somebody else. It will probably take some time to build up a list of enough clients to allow you to earn a large income but once you get to that point you will find that you can earn a substantial sum. More importantly you will be the one in control of how much you earn. If you think you deserve more money you can simply raise your rates.

Another big perk of being a business consultant is that you are your own boss. A lot of people who work in business careers really don't like having to work for somebody else. Being able to go out on your own and make your own decisions appeals to lot of people. Many people feel that when they work for somebody else they don't have the freedom that the desire, especially when it comes to the decisions that they make. Often decisions have to be approved by somebody else, when you work as an independent consultant this is not an issue.

One of the other reasons that a lot of people want to go out on their own as a consultant is that it allows them to take on more responsibility than they would get in a job. In most cases you will find that your promotion chances are limited for any number of reasons. The result is that a lot of people are frustrated with their careers. When you work as a consultant how far you go will depend almost entirely on how good you are at what you do. Obviously this can be a double edged sword but the people who go into consulting are usually pretty confident of their abilities.